The E-Tip, Next Revolution


The old days lab pipettes and Honey Badger 6” quartz were pioneers in the concentrate industry, and it’s now time to take a quantum leap forward!

Introducing the New Nectar Collector E-Tip! It is finally on sale on our E-Shop! Finally, you can take discrete, potent dabs practically anywhere. On hike? We have you covered, Disc Golf? Take a rip anywhere. The patented airflow in the Electric Donut maximizes coolness and flavor, for a robust hit out of a dry piece.

We think it’ll be a huge hit for people who like their dabs anywhere, anytime: Just heat the tip, dip, and sip! The Nectar Collector E-Sip Tips are for everyday dabbing. To make the longevity key,  we made ceramic quartz composite for even heating. Others prefer taste, so that’s a lot of customization just with the Dip Tips. You’ve got 2 types of tips and 3 heat settings- that’s more than a normal vape pen.

Just dip, sip, and rip!

If you’d like to try a Nectar Collector, swing by a store that carries OFFICIAL Nectar Collectors. Knock-offs are all too common, but their build quality is subpar. You can’t disassemble and clean a knockoff. That’s a huge loss. Knockoffs are mode for one-time hitting as well. Why buy something that you just use and toss? So many things these days are “one-time use”, and you care about the environment, right? So a removable glass tip core is a huge leap forward. Check out the passion and artistry that went into each piece in a Nectar Collector at our ever-expanding Web Store, while you are there take a look at our flagship piece, The Nectar Honeybird Pro Kit. We also hit trade shows, so come visit! We’re constantly dropping new dab pens and dab straws, with patented airflow tech. Your hits will be tasty and potent!



The E-Tip has a simple name, but a complex design inside. First off, click the button three times to turn on the device. It is automatically set to the medium setting. Then it’s three more pushes of the button and you can experiment to your heart’s content. Remember to always purchase an Official Dip Tip.
This blogger prefers potency over taste- we have Nectar Collector Sip Tips. It’s made of ceramic quartz composite for even heating. Others prefer taste, so that’s a lot of customization just with the Dip Tips. Just dip, sip, and rip!
The bottom line is this: we turned to our tight-knit community and asked them what they wanted: A dab straw. Later it would become a portable dab pen, Then a vertical, water-filtration dab monster. It’s an evolution of vertical vaporizing technology. What’s next? Making it come to life of course!

Nectar Collector Sale


Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Simple Kit is for sale!

Check back regularly for price slashes. And remember- this E-Tip is on the cutting edge. With its quartz composite technology, it’s fantastic way to blow clouds while taking in the scenery. Grab grab one before they run out of stock!

Nectar Collector Nectar Collector Micro + Doubler Infinity Tech Combo Kit

This BIG hitter is on sale too, it’s a micro-style Nectar Collector with a DOUBLE Infinity Tech combo. With double Infinity Tech, it’s a perfect hit. And always, it’s compatible with the E-Tip.

The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro Kit


The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is officially… on sale! The Nectar Collector Honey Pro is our flagship electric model. It’s everything you could want in an electric dab pen- an ideal modular electric dab pen. We’ve engineered Infinity Tech into the original Nectar Collector Pro and you know what modular assembly means- easy cleaning, and always the freshest hits. With only 5 parts, it’s made to be assembled and reassembled quickly, for only the tastiest hit. With the modular assembly you can even build a party rig with your friends and have a nice, relaxed sesh. These pieces take electric dab pens to the next level!

So grab your Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro Kit, now with Infinity Tech, and blow some clouds!

The Nectar Collector Electric Donut Mouthpiece


On the run? Need some dabs? Just stick your Nectar Collector Electric Donut in your pocket and you are good to go. The Electric Donut offers super tasty dabs (pun intended), and since you don’t have water filtration, you get nearly 100% of of THC. Electric Donut is also designed to cool in a very efficient manner, so you won’t be coughing up a storm. The Electric Donut went through heavy R&D to reach its unique shape. Don’t pass it up just because it’s the lowest price point! This is a serious hitter, with a cutting edge electric dab pen.