Understanding Different Types of Dabbers


When Kristian Merwin and Jefe created the Nectar Collector 11 years ago, cannabis concentrates and CBD were first being produced en masse. Like a lot of people, we were just trying to figure out the best ways to consume these new terpene laden creations.
We think the coolest part of having Nectar Collector be one of the early leaders in this space is being able to see dab trends over time. Things certainly have changed from throwing a piece of shatter on your nugget.

Three Types of Dabbers

Gear has changed as concentrates have gotten better. It is important to recognize what people want and why. People want to smoke the way that is most enjoyable for them.

Nectar Collector has always tried to evolve this way. We get great feedback from our customers. We also attend trade shows like CHAMPS where we get face time with our peeps and see what everyone else is doing.

These days you have all sorts of gear that gets the basic job done. But why are there so many types of rigs out there? What is the underlying cause?

The answer is actually in the dab mechanics itself and the high it delivers.

Let me introduce you to what we feel are the three types of dabbers – The Savory Sipper, The Swimmer, and The Chain Chugger.

The Savory Sipper

This type of dabber gravitates to a small, light, delicious dab. Usually, this type of dabber is just experiencing concentrates on a regular basis. A savory sipper just takes a couple hits and isn’t really looking to cough and choke. They are not going to be smoking all day, but when they do, it is a controlled and tasty situation.

This is an area really where Nectar Collector shines. Whether it is a Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro, or using the Nectar Collector E-Tip, the ergonomic design of a Nectar Collector allows the user to dab straight from their concentrate dish. This allows for a controlled dab where the size of the hit is up to you and you do not have to load anything in advance. The effects of each dab are mild.

The Swimmer

This type of dabber likes to dive deep as they want to, but will pause and catch their breath between plunges. Most people who are looking to puff in a group setting are using the swimmer dab technique. I am a swimmer. I like to smoke all day and take large and small hits as I want to. The key is that between each hit, there is a pause to reheat the device and catch your breath.

All Nectar Collector and Honeybird products work great for swimmers. Whether it is a Nectar Collector Honeybird Delux, or a Nectar Collector Phat Bird, you can rip it as hard as you want and then pass it to a friend, or fire it back up and go back for more. A classic session piece for puffing with friends. The effects of each dab session could be characterized as medium on this spectrum.

The Chain Chugger

When you think of a classic chain chugger, I always think of Rasta Holy Men, as well as many an Instagram Influencer, who use circular breathing to take hit after hit of massive amounts of smoke. Chain Chuggers must usually take their rips continuously between coughs as the concentrate is continuously being heated once it is dropped in. This is the driving concept behind the popularity of buckets and nails.

The chain chugger gets the maximum effects with huge doses in a short amount of time. Rip after rip until what they loaded is gone. People love to cough till they get off.

At Nectar Collector, we did not have anything that could address this type of smoker’s need until we launched the Nectar Collector E-Tip. We wanted to allow the chain chuggers out there a way to continuously take as many hits in row as they wanted to. We also wanted to do it in the classic Nectar Collector way where the concentrate was not cooking the whole time.

The Nectar Collector E-Tip can be set on continuous heating so that it is always good to go for that next hit in rapid succession. Continuously heat your tip, not your concentrate. If you start coughing your brains out, you can pull away from your dab, and then go right back in when you are ready again. The mechanics are important. Get the hit you are looking for and save your concentrates from burning away. Make your last rip taste as fresh as your first. If you are a chain chugger looking for high dosages and high times, one of our many new Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip styles are for you.

Check out all of our great gear built for you in our collective quest to Dab Perfect!