The Beginning

You may not know me, but you know my work.

Over a decade ago, I partnered with Kristian Merwin to create the Nectar Collector and bring into being some of the very first vertical concentrate dab devices. As you may have seen, I think we were onto something.

Concentrates were just beginning to get really good and widely available about that time. The hash was way better than the rigs people were using then. People donked away huge amounts of concentrates just to get a quality hit from a pipe. They coated their fingers, cars, clothes, and loved ones by trying to stuff a pre-loader pen. Some burnt up exorbitant amounts in big old wasteful blasts that choked them out by throwing a wad on some sort of bucket skillet. It just made no sense from a taste or financial perspective to me. I like the good shit. I want it to last and taste awesome.

We wanted to do something new and different that allowed people to enjoy dabbing on their own terms. We envisioned some sort of futuristic life after the bong. Technology should evolve and so should we.

Time for a change

Nectar Collector’s innovative designs have always allowed more control over the mechanics of taking a dab and the size of dab you take. Just heat the tip and go directly into your concentrate. Super simple, quick, economical, and tasty.

The problem? Some people just hate a torch.

One of the biggest reasons people stay in the pen lane or never, ever, experience the joy a quality dab hit can be is definitely the fire factor. It can be intimidating and leaves some people out. One of our missions as a company was to radically include everyone who wished to enjoy and medicate through the wonderful world of cannabis concentrates.

To bring everyone into the family we created the first Electric Nectar Collector line of products featuring the New Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit.

The Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit features a super compact and powerful battery for quick heating and a USBC charging port for quick charging. It also supports multiple types of electric tips and has three different heat settings. You can get great control over the particular type and temperature of the dab you like with all those options.

To include the people who have been here for us since we started, we made the new Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip compatible with all of our Nectar Collector and Honeybird designs. It simply screws right into the threading. That way you can just upgrade something you already own.

For those who are new to Nectar Collector, all of the Electric Nectar Collector line of products will still feature the ability to use our classic hot tips and a torch. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Since we released the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit, people are asking me: “You are a die hard weed head, how does the new Electric E-Tip compare to the original Nectar Collector torch style?” I’m here to give my input.

I want to focus on 3 things: Convenience, Taste, and Cleaning/Reclaim.


One of the things that became obvious to me in comparing the original Nectar Collector line vs. the new Electric Nectar Collector line was just how nice it was not to have to deal with a torch with the electric models. I have a great collection of small hand torches and large torches that are easy enough for me, but having the heating built right in to the device is a big deal.

It was super simple to just have something that fit in my pocket or throw in my backpack, with a favorite gram or two. I can power the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip up in a few seconds enough to take a quick rip, or keep it hot for a session. It made getting irie just that much quicker for me. There was nothing I hated more than having to wait for someone to go through the whole process of getting a bucket loader ready and then repeating the process over and over. Took fucking forever. By the time they took one rip, I had sampled 4 or 5 flavors.

I loved the magnetic cap as well. It’s easy to throw on when done. Like anything, it took me a minute to get used to the heat settings and the new tips, but I was able to easily find a temperature I enjoyed for what I was smoking at the time. The composite Sip Tips that come with the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit were really durable and easy to use. I liked the replacement tip packs. You could max heat the tips and burn out residue to clean the tip after I had used it for a long while. Pretty happy with how everything worked overall. The battery lasted days, not hours, through quite a few sessions before needing a charge and I dab a lot.

Convenience: Edge – Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip


One of the most important factors for me is how a rig affects the taste of concentrates. I already had preferences personally between quartz, titanium, and ceramic tips with the original Nectar Collector and Honeybird lines. I love quartz. I think it gives you a great tasting clean hit.
Both Kristian and I were expecting a significant drop off in flavor quality because of the nature of electronic designs. We were pretty excited and a bit surprised to find out that the newest composite tips are able to get that full spectrum terpene rich hit that we all love and enjoy. I would compare it to the hit you get with a titanium tip on any original Nectar Collector or Honeybird. It comes down to personal preference really.
People loved the new design of the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit and were eager to try it out with their own favorite concentrates. Flavor was solid. Those who have seen and used these raved more about the designs of the Electric Donut and the Electric Honeybird Pro more than anything regarding taste. I think the E-Tip gives really good, quality, and enjoyable hits. Even some folks who had never tried a Nectar Collector before gave it a try.
Overall, I found that I was using my original Nectar Collector with a refillable Quartz Stinger Tip at home where my torch was, but taking my Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip when I went out.

Taste: Edge – Original Nectar Collector


If you wanted to point to one thing that was significantly different between the original Nectar Collector line and the new Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip line, it is the amount of reclaim.

Original Nectar Collectors allow for GIANT rips and, like any rig, excess concentrate get pulled up into the glass. What I found with the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip is that I could still get monster rips, but that significantly less concentrate was getting pulled into the electronics or glass. Small amounts mainly stayed at the tip and burned away. While all Nectar Collector products are easy to clean, I did not have to clean out the glass on my Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip nearly as much as I did my original Nectar Collector with a classic tip. I appreciated the lower maintenance.

The very cool flip side of that is that I was also not using as much concentrate in the first place. It made my stash seem to stretch out a bit and last longer overall. I love that idea. I am not a big reclaim guy myself, so any way I can keep my jars full and my head happy, I am all in.

Cleaning/Reclaim: Edge – Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip