Introducing the Wildbird

This is Jefe with Nectar Collector, one of the original creators and founder of Nectar Collector. I am happy to introduce our newest member of the Nectar Collector family and give you some background on how it came to be. Introducing The Wildbird.


Nectar Collector has been around for over 11 years now. Our legacy as an industry disruptor and innovator are well known. Most Nectar Collector products are hand blown and crafted by Kristian Merwin and our team at Wasatch Glassworks. This is where we created the very first Nectar Collector 1.0 back in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The iconic 3-part Nectar Collector 1.0 was the first of its kind and inspired many clones and copycats over the years.

A clone of our own

We knew that with American production, quality, and customer service, we might require selling our gear at a price point that could leave some people out of the party. That never was our style or intention. Chinese knockoffs of our most basic products were coming in less expensive, and had poor quality and even safety concerns for us. Who cares if it’s cheap if it kills you.

This bugged the shit out of Kristian and I. For a very long time, we searched for a manufacturing partner that could meet our quality and price requirements. We needed to beat the rip off artists at their own game. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy Nectar Collectors directly from the inventors themselves.

We did that.

The Wildbird

Paying homage to the original 1.0 3-part design, the Wildbird is manufactured in 5 core colors — amethyst, charcoal, cobalt, green, and pink. We wanted to include a standard boro tip, but also include a quartz tip. Quartz is an important upgrade you will not find in most kits at this price point. It just lasts longer and tastes better. We also threw in a dish and tip clip. Safety first.

At a $24.99 price point, this entry level kit has everything you want. It is an easy way to see if you enjoy dabbing concentrates. If you are already a fan, the Wildbird makes a great, low risk piece for the Spring and Summer concert season. If you love the Wildbird, you can upgrade and treat yourself of any of our great Nectar Collector gear. You will love the quality.

Making it electric!

The Wildbird can even be fitted with a special connector that allows for the use of the Nectar Collector E-Tip. An Electric Wildbird is a great option for those who do not like a torch. It makes for super easy and convenient ripping.

For our wholesale and distribution partners, the Wildbird product line allows for the volume you have been asking us for. We are coming to a store near you.

Check out the NEW Nectar Collector Wildbirds!