The Nectar Collector E-Tip


Electricity is in the air! Nectar Collector is proud to introduce our very own electric battery base and tip system- the Nectar Collector E-Tip. Our E-Tip is compatible with every Nectar Collector and Honeybird that we make, so it’s plug-and-play no matter what Nectar Collector you use. Going electric has been in the works for Nectar Collector, but we needed to make sure that we developed an E-Tip that would give the user the same experience as a conventional Nectar Collector Tip. And when it comes to flavor and potency, the Nectar Collector and Honeybird simply cannot be beat. So we set an exceedingly high standard when we set out to develop the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit. And we are proud to say we’ve exceeded our own expectations. The New Nectar Collector E-Tip is a serious piece of technology! And it’s still as simple as Dip, Sip, and Rip!

Why Go Electric Now?


We can’t ignore the world around us, everything from cars to dab straws are starting to shift away from combustion and toward electricity. We noticed that while cheap electric dab straws might be convenient, they don’t offer the cannasseur what they truly want- great taste and potency on a consistent basis.
Nectar Collector embraces the experience of concentrates, and we believe our job is to do our best to offer a great experience to every dabber out there. Whether you like big hitters or terpene-filled low-temp dabs, the beauty of the Nectar Collector is that you can take your dabs at the exact temperature you want. The Nectar Collector and Honeybird aren’t just versatile because of their size and portability, they are versatile because they offer every dabber the experience that they are looking for.
Translating the level of control into an electronic package was no easy task. It took lots of research and development to reach our final product. Not to mention tons of prototypes – we didn’t quit until we reached perfection. We stayed patient during development, exploring different designs, batteries, heating elements, and more. We designed and engineered every aspect of our E-Tip with the user experience in mind. The end result, the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit, has three temperature settings and two tip options to make sure that you get the perfect dab from your Nectar Collector or Honeybird, electronically! And if you don’t have a Nectar Collector or a Honeybird of your own yet, we have developed some Electric Nectar Collector kits that will have you dabbing in minutes.

Pick Your Electric Dabbing Style


You can use the new E-Tip with any Nectar Collector or Honeybird. But if you are buying your first Nectar Collector, we want to talk a little about our three Electric Nectar Collector kits. We developed these to let you hit the ground running with an easy-to-use electric nectar collector that will suit your budget and taste. With these kits, you can be taking electric dabs minutes after you open the package.

The Nectar Collector Electric Donut


The first piece of the new Electric Nectar Collector line is the Nectar Collector Electric Donut. It’s an affordable, portable, and easy way to get into electric dabbing. Our Nectar Collector Donut Mouthpiece is a hand-made glass mouthpiece that’s precisely angled for optimal taste. We named it the Donut Mouthpiece not just because of its shape, but because you can never have just one hit! This mouthpiece is our premier dry mouthpiece- we know that some people don’t want to deal with a water piece all the time. We want to offer a solution for people who want pure vapor, so we developed the Nectar Collector Electric Donut. Combined with the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit, you have the ability to take perfect dabs in the palm of your hand. Without the need for a torch, this combination can easily fit in your pocket or a handbag for electric dabs anytime, anywhere.

The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Simple Kit


Introducing the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Simple Kit. One of our most popular pieces right now is the Honeybird Simple Kit. It’s no surprise, since it hits like a champ and packs so much technology into such a small package. The Honeybird Simple Core is durable borosilicate glass with a single-hole diffuser and our stainless steel connector, all made proudly here in the USA. It took painstaking development to get cool, clean dabs from such a tiny package. Years and years of experience in developing our vertical vapes went into the development of the Honeybird Simple Kit. And now it’s gone electric! Combining the Honeybird Simple Core with the E-Tip is a perfect match. The E-Tip is compact and the Honeybird Simple Core is as well, at only 2.5 inches. With this combination, you have portable, water-cooled, electric dabs- what more is there to want? Dab your way, anywhere, anytime.

The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro


The Honeybird Pro Kit and the Nectar Collector E-Tip combine to form our Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro. The Honeybird Pro has a no thread, no glue, 26mm Infinity Tech connector allowing you to switch between different style diffusers. It’s a heavy-duty version of the Honeybird Simple- bigger and beefier, with an added modular diffuser feature. The Honeybird Pro is precisely engineered for great tasting potent hits, just like its little brother. For those wanting just a little more customization and size, the Honeybird Pro is the way to go. Paired with the new E-Tip, it’s an unstoppable combination. The E-Tip connects seamlessly with the Honeybird Pro, bringing torchless dabbing anywhere you want to go. And not just torchless dabbing, but tasty, potent dabs. The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro has three separate temperature settings thanks to the E-Tip, so you can dab according to your taste and you can adjust your temperature depending on your concentrates. All the dabbing pros will love blowing clouds with the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro.

Nectar Collector Electric Dabbing Accessories


As we developed our electric line, we knew that just like our other Nectar Collectors, people will want to customize their Electric Nectar Collectors. The exciting thing about the Nectar Collector E-Tip is that you can customize it to fit exactly how you like it to function. We don’t stop with three temperature settings. We offer the Nectar Collector E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink for people who want to lengthen their E-Tip and offer additional cooling for concentrate vapor. The E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink also lets the user get a better view of where they are dabbing, so it’s easier to be precise with the E-Tip. Cooler hits and a better view? That’s a win-win. This one is a must-have if you enjoy using your E-Tip frequently and it becomes your daily driver- and we bet that it will.

Eventually you are going to need to change the tip of your Electric Nectar Collector. Our Nectar Collector E-Tip Sip Tips are direct replacements for the tip on your Electric Nectar Collector. We also developed a second style of tip for your Electric Nectar Collector, the Nectar Collector E-Tip Dip Tip. The big difference between the Sip Tip and the Dip Tip is the Dip Tip has a metal coil surrounded by ceramic while the Sip Tip does not. The Dip Tip is for lighter, tastier dabs, so pick one up with your Electric Nectar Collector if you prioritize taste in your dabbing experience.

This Only The Beginning of The Electric Nectar Collector


The mood is electric at Nectar Collector and we are excited to finally bring you our very own battery base and electric tip system. We designed our E-Tip specifically for use with the Nectar Collector and Honeybird. Since we’ve developed it, you can expect top-tier quality from our Electric Nectar Collectors. We have spent a long time trying to find out how to get electric dabbing perfect, and we wouldn’t be releasing this to the world if we didn’t think that we got it right. So give it a try today and go electric! You’ll be shocked when you realize how much you enjoy dabbing with an Electric Nectar Collector.