Dabbing With A Nectar Collector


We like to say, “Dip, Sip, and Rip” when we explain how easy it is to use the  Original Nectar Collector, Honeybird, and Electric Nectar Collectors. Whether it’s with a torch-heated Stinger Tip or an electric tip, all you need to do is heat the tip and dab away. That’s one of the many reasons that the Nectar Collector gives you excellent, full-tasting hits- you bring the heating element directly to the oil and can dab as much or as little as you please. AND at a temperature that you want. Nectar Collector values freedom when it comes to dabbing, so we are always pushing the limits to create the ultimate dabbing experience. Our goal here at Nectar Collector is to let you dab in your own way.

Original Nectar Collector


With the Original Nectar Collector, dabbing is easy.

  • First, simply insert the Nectar Collector Mouthpiece into the non-threaded end of the stainless steel 16mm Connector.
  • Take the glass and stainless steel spillguard and insert it into the inside of one of the large stainless steel connectors.
  • Use the other large stainless steel connector to insert the glass diffuser into the inside of the Nectar Collector.
  • After that, you’ll Insert the Stinger Tip Core into the non-threaded end of the Stinger Tip Connector, and screw the Stinger Tip into the threaded end of the stainless steel connector that holds the diffuser.
  • Connect the stainless steel connector (with the spillguard attached) into the narrow end of the glass Core.
  • Now it’s water time- fill the glass Core, through the open end, with water to the top of the spillguard on the smaller end. Then give it a shake to remove any excess water.
  • Keeping the core upside down- spillguard pointing to the sky- place the connector with the diffuser attached to the wide opening on the Core.
  • Screw the double-sided Nectar Connector into the connector with the spillguard.
  • Finally, screw the mouthpiece onto the Nectar Connector (which is attached to the connector with the spillguard). Check out our Tips & Tricks page for pictures to guide you along.

Reading that might seem like a bit of a mouthful, but when you have your Original Nectar Collector disassembled in front of you, these directions should make sense. If not, just consult our Tips & Tricks page for some help. In just a few moments you will be taking water-filtered dabs from your favorite cannabis oil instead of waiting for a bucket on your rig to cool off. Check out our Tips & Tricks page for a few handy diagrams on how to assemble your Nectar Collector so you can get dabbing ASAP!

Once you’ve assembled your Original Nectar Collector, it’s dabbing time. Carefully heat up your Stinger Tip, then gently touch the tip to your stash while inhaling. Don’t be that guy who tries to show off with a massive rip by dunking the hot Stinger Tip into a jar of cannabis oil- you can clog up your Nectar Collector that way. Just touch the oil with the how tip, pull away, and inhale. You can repeat as necessary, but don’t hurt your Stinger Tip by trying to take gigantic rips. The Nectar Collector is for leisurely, portable, SIMPLE dabbing. Remember: “heat the tip, dip, and sip!”

The Nectar Collector Honeybird


The Honeybird is a more compact vertical, in-line water-filtered Nectar Collector. We have pushed the boundary by taking our method of water-cooled dabbing and making it even smaller and more compact with the Honeybird. Putting together your Honeybird isn’t rocket science: Just insert the diffuser into the large stainless steel connector. Then  you’ll put the Stinger Tip Core into the non-threaded end of the Stinger Tip Connector. After that, you will screw the Stinger Tip into the threaded end of the stainless steel connector. Fill the glass Honeybird Core with water to the top of the spillguard on the smaller end (use the larger opening to fill). Remove excess water with a quick CAREFUL shake, and finally, keeping the core upside down, place the connector (with the diffuser attached) to the wide opening of your Honeybird core. Flip your Honeybird right side up (tip pointing down) and you are ready to get dabbing.

Don’t let the size of it fool you, the Honeybird is a big hitter in a compact package. The Honeybird is engineered to give the best cannabis concentrate experience, regardless of your preference. You can go in hot and take huge hits, or you can let the Stinger Tip cool and take low-temperature dabs to get the most out of your hash oil’s terpenes. It doesn’t matter how you want to balance taste and potency with your dabs, the Nectar Collector and Honeybird let you tailor every dab to your personal preference. Now that’s dabbing your way.

The Nectar Collector Dab Egg


If you like bigger pieces and robust dab hits, then check out the Dab Egg! The Dab Egg is a beautiful wig-wag piece of glass featuring a matching 26mm connector with a four color wig-wag that matches the wig-wag worked glass core. The Dab Egg is hand-blown here in the USA by our artisans, and each Egg takes a very long time to produce. Because these are serious art pieces that take a very long time to make, the production on the Dab Egg is extremely limited. The Dab Egg is also a huge hitter due to its volume. The Dab Egg can hold more water, which means cooler, cleaner dabs. Coupled with the Vortex Venturi Tall Diffuser, the Dab Egg has been a huge hit, and an even bigger hitter! If you’re looking at a Nectar Collector and you want some heady glass work with it, check out the Dab Egg for the pinnacle of vertical, water-cooled, in-line, portable dabbing technology.

Just The Tip!


When you dab with the Original Nectar Collector, Honeybird, or Electric Nectar Collector, the dabbing method is always the same: Just The Tip! When you dab, you want to just dip the tip into your favorite oil, and then pull away as you inhale. That will make sure you get the best hits possible with the least amount of residue on the Stinger Tip. You always want to make sure you don’t end up with un-vaporized oil on your Stinger Tip. Don’t be wasteful!

Like the Original Nectar Collector, one of the great parts about dabbing with the Honeybird is that you can choose your Stinger Tip material. Swapping Stinger Tips is an easy process, making the Nectar Collector and Honeybird unlike anything else in the dabbing world. For taste and experience, we at Nectar Collector prefer dabbing with quartz tips. However, we cater to everyone’s preference and offer Ceramic and Titanium Stinger Tips as well. You can switch Stinger Tips in just a few moments. This lets you experiment or make sure you can accommodate a friend who likes a ceramic or titanium tip. Whether you’re a fan of quartz, ceramic, or titanium, Nectar Collector has a Stinger Tip in a material that will let you dab your way- and let your buddies dab their way as well.

The Nectar Collector Base Station


You aren’t limited to just dabbing with your favorite Nectar Collector. The  Base Station comes with a flower bowl, allowing you to enjoy smoking flower with your Nectar Collector. The  Base Station is designed to be used with flower, so the airflow is tuned for smoking. The Nectar Collector Base Station lets you use your Nectar Collector at home with a Stinger Tip as well. The Base Station might look like a normal bubbler at first glance, but it’s far more than that. The patented design of the Base Station lets you convert your Nectar Collector into a flower bubbler! You get to enjoy the filtration of your nectar collector with flower. What could be better for those who like a change of pace every once in a while? And don’t forget- the Base Station is a hand-worked, signed & numbered bubbler piece made in the USA. When you’re relaxing at home and you feel like some flower or some dabs, there’s no better way to do it than with the Nectar Collector Base Station.

The Electric Nectar Collector


We are excited to electrify the Nectar Collector! The Nectar Collector is unique by offering water-cooled dabs in an ultra-portable and user-friendly package. Nobody beats the Nectar Collector when it comes to water-filtered dabs on the go. And sharing is a piece of cake. But as technology advances, we have learned to adapt just like everyone else in the concentrate world. We embrace technology as a matter of fact, and the Nectar Collector would have never been invented if we weren’t pioneering new technology in the world of cannabis concentrate. That meant going electric! Enter the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit.

The E-Tip is a battery-powered unit with a tip system that can be attached to any Nectar Collector or Honeybird. Our E-Tip even has three adjustable temperature settings so that you can dab in your own style. The new E-Tip makes your favorite Nectar Collector into an electric one!

The Possibilities Are Endless When You Dab With Nectar Collector


As you can see, there are so many ways to dab with Nectar Collector. We pride ourselves in accommodating every cannabis oil enthusiast- one of our mottos is “Dab Your Way.” So while we focus on our innovative vertical inline water filtration Nectar Collector and Honeybird, we are always pushing the boundaries. In Dab tech, we developed our Electric Nectar Collectors to give fans of combustion-free dabbing the authentic Nectar Collector experience. We push the limit with our artistry as well, as seen in our heady glass work with our different Nectar Collector styles and our Dab Egg. Whatever you’re looking for in a dab rig, Nectar Collector has it. Especially if you like to push the envelope and dab anywhere you want!