Your Intro To Electric Dabbing


Are you just starting out with dabbing? Or maybe you’ve been enjoying flower for a while, and you’re looking into concentrates. For anyone just getting into concentrates and oil, we have the perfect dabbing solution for starters. And it doesn’t even need a torch! You read that right: Nectar Collector is now offering an electric dabbing solution. Even if you have an oil rig of your own, you have good reason to pause and check out the Electric Donut from us at Nectar Collector. It’s electric dabbing at its simplest and most elegant, which some might argue is the best way to enjoy dabs. The Electric Donut is our most affordable entry in the Electric Nectar Collector world. Although it might be at the bottom of our price list, it’s from us here at Nectar Collector. That means you can rest assured that you are getting top-tier quality and durability when it comes to both the electronics and, of course, the glass! And if you’re after water-cooling your electric dabs, The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Simple Kit will be right up your alley. Get ready to Dip, Sip, and Rip at the push of a button.

Nice Glass


As you know, our top priority here at Nectar Collector is glass. So when we decided that we were going to go electric, we knew that we needed to focus on the technology and how to implement it with our glass. Of course we were focused on the new territory we were getting into. But we couldn’t lose sight of our bread & butter either. We make each piece in the Electric Nectar Collector lineup with the best glass with the best glass artists. High quality glass is what Nectar Collector is known for, and we love the art of making glass. The E-Tip is the integral part of our Electric Nectar Collector lineup, but we never stopped thinking about glass! We’ve (gladly) tested our glass over and over with our E-Tip, and as a result we’ve refined our designs to function seamlessly with the E-Tip. The Electric Donut has a glass component that’s made specifically for the E-Tip, so it’s designed to cool incoming vapor and give you the smoothest, most potent hits possible.

Electric Dabbing Made Simple


The Nectar Collector Electric Donut is best compared to a dab straw, but it’s so much better than your normal dab straw. First of all, The Electric Donut is glass! There’s just no comparison with a regular electric dab straw when it comes to taste. As anyone with experience will tell you, cheap plastic dab straws will always leave a funky taste in your mouth. With glass, weird taste is never going to be an issue- unless you’ve got some funky oil! The Electric Donut is also a dry piece, so it gives you concentrate vapor in its purest form. Taking electric dabs without water-cooling might sound rough to some people, but we’ve designed the Electric Donut for the best possible cooling and airflow balance. We’ve got serious experience designing glass, and making the Electric Donut in its signature shape was not a mistake. Kristian and the Team put in serious work developing, prototyping, and testing different designs in order to come up with the best possible cooling and airflow in a dry piece made specifically for electric dabs. The result? The tasty donut shape that cools vapor and chalks up nicely to let you sit back, press a button, and Dip, Sip, and Rip! 

Another big concern for us with the Electric Donut was portability. Form factor has always been a concern for us, and that’s why we build hand-held vertical vaporizers. The unique form factor of our Nectar Collectors and Honeybirds allows you to enjoy conventional dabs anytime, anywhere. With the E-Tip, we take that idea even further by getting rid of external heating. Everything you need to dab is now battery-powered and in the palm of your hand. We designed the Electric Donut to be as compact as possible, while still offering the awesome taste and potency that we are known for. It’s a heavy hitter right in the palm of your hand. 

The Electric Tip allows you to chalk up your Donut or other Electric Nectar Collector as many times as you want- no need to take breaks for heating. That’s a huge advantage of going electric in our minds. But we needed to make sure that everyone was included when it came to our electric dabbing lineup. That means we needed to accommodate the flavor savors and the heavy hitters. Whether you dig low-temp terpene-heavy dabs, or if you want the most potent hits possible, the Nectar Collector Electric Tip is adjustable to your needs. It has three temperature settings, which allow you to control how hot the tip gets during heating. This allows you to control taste and control how quickly you are vaporizing your concentrate.

Not Just Adjustability, Customizability Too


We also offer two different tip styles: E-Tip Sip Tips and E-Tip Dip Tips. The E-Tip Sip Tips are a composite-quartz based tip made with taste and potency in mind. Don’t let the name fool you- the Sip Tips can be a mouthful. These tips are the way to go if you are after potency first and foremost. On the other hand we have the E-Tip Dip Tips. The Dip Tips are a coil-based tip. The Dip Tips do not vape concentrate quite as quickly as their counterpart. That makes Dip Tips best for people who hold taste in high priority. You can take big rips with our Dip Tips, they just offer the tastiest dabs possible. These offer further customization for your Electric Nectar Collector when it comes time to get some new tips. And depending on how much you dab, that might be sooner rather than later! Like our other tips, and any heating element for dabbing like a nail or bucket, our Electric Tip heating elements will need to be replaced. Don’t worry, we made it affordable and easy to buy additional E-Tip Sip Tips and E-Tip Dip Tips.

We also made a rad little attachment that’s a big help, especially if you make your Electric Nectar Collector your new daily dabbing machine: The Nectar Collector E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink. This little attachment does serious heavy lifting! It acts as a heat sink to disperse heat and give cooler, smoother, and tastier hits. We recommend this for anyone who thinks their Electric Nectar Collector will see heavy use. The E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink is also a way to get a better view of your dabbing area, allowing you to have a better view of exactly where you are putting your tip. Two advantages in one make the E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink a no-brainer for any Electric Nectar Collector that will see a lot of action.

Electric Nectar Collector Grows With You


As you can see from the customizability of our Electric Tip and the modular design of our Nectar Collectors & Honeybirds, we love fine-tuning the dabbing experience. If you already own a Nectar Collector, you can just pick up an E-Tip Kit and you can have electric dabs minutes after opening the box. You might never touch your torch again! Not that it’s a bad thing, electric dabs with a Nectar Collector are potent and tasty just like conventionally-heated hits. 

If you want to start slow with our Electric Donut, the modular design lets you upgrade your glass piece anytime while you keep your E-Tip as you upgrade. Whether you want to start with water-cooled electric dabs or not is up to you, but eventually you’ll probably want to get water into the equation. You can start out with the Electric Honeybird Simple Kit for our “best of both worlds” Electric Nectar Collector. What do we mean by that? You get the best of electric dabbing with our E-Tip, and you get the best of compact vertical water filtration with our Honeybird Simple.  

If you want to jump into electric dabbing with the best of the best, then you don’t need to look any further than the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro. This beast combines our fan-favorite Honeybird Pro with the famous E-Tip to give you the absolute best concentrate experience possible. The Electric Honeybird Pro is the best idea for daily dabbers because it’s so easy to clean. The Infinity Tech modular design allows you to disassemble your glass easily for regular cleaning under serious use. If you take your dabbing seriously and you want to go electric, there is no better option than the Electric Honeybird Pro

Here at Nectar Collector, we have always designed our pieces with upgradability and customizability in mind. We didn’t stop when we decided to go electric. When you are ready to take your dabbing to the next level, you can pick up any Nectar Collector or Honeybird, and you can simply use your Electric Tip with your new piece.