Electric Nectar Collector Spotlight: Electric Honeybird Pro


As you probably know by now, Nectar Collector is going electric! We are embracing the electric dabbing wave. Electric dabs are one of the ways forward in the dabbing world, and we can’t ignore it. Ever since our vertical water filtration technology, we have been pushing the envelope. So of course we needed to push the envelope when we developed an electric tip for our world famous Nectar Collectors. We ended up exceeding our own expectations with a piece of technology that we think you’ll love, the Nectar Collector E-Tip.

But to be honest, making the best electric dab tip in the world wasn’t enough for us. We needed to keep the momentum going and develop something that would blow the dab world away. At Nectar Collector, we’ve already turned the dabbing world upside-down with our vertical vaporizer technology, so we are used to bucking trends- and starting trends of our own. So of course we made the new E-Tip universal for all Nectar Collector products- that was a given. However, we needed a flagship for our groundbreaking technology. And from that brainstorm came the duo of the Honeybird Pro and the Nectar Collector E-Tip.

The Nectar Collector E-Tip


Our new Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit turns any Nectar Collector into an Electric Nectar Collector in seconds. What’s the advantage of going electric? First, there is the obvious fact that you no longer need a torch in order to enjoy your dabs. No more torches means no more risk of getting burned- and we all welcome getting rid of that risk. Experience dabbers know- it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you’re always going to end up reaching across the table and grazing that super hot bucket that your friend just heated up. With Electric Nectar Collectors, torches, hot buckets, hot nails, etc. are a thing of the past.
Another advantage of going with an Electric Nectar Collector is the adjustability. The E-Tip offers such great customizability, with its three temperature settings and alternate tips. The three temperature settings make a huge difference- low gives you terpene-filled, flavorful dabs. Medium gives you potent yet still pretty tasty dabs. High heat is a heavy hitter- not for the inexperienced. On high heat, the E-Tip will vaporize super quickly, and you might end up inhaling more vapor than you bargained for.
The Nectar Collector E-Tip is built to give new and experienced dabbers alike the ability to control the temperature of their dabs. And here at Nectar Collector we also developed two separate types of tips for the Nectar Collector E-Tip. Nectar Collector has developed the E-Tip Sip Tips as well as the E-Tip Dip Tips. The choice between tips allows you to further customize every aspect of your dab with Nectar Collector’s new Nectar Collector E-Tip. The Nectar Collector E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink is a super useful accessory for your E-Tip as well. It adds an extended path for vapor to travel and has a heatsink. This cools the vapor, and the extension also has a more practical application: it gives you a better view of exactly what you’re dabbing! That’s a win-win. This is a must-have accessory for your E-Tip. Bottom line, whether you like bigger hits or more low-temp flavorful dabs, the E-Tip can be tailored to dab just the way you want.

The Honeybird Pro


The second part of the dynamic duo of the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is the Honeybird Pro itself of course! The Honeybird Pro retains the pocket-sized portability of the Honeybird, but adds so many features: Threadless 26mm Infinity Tech connectors allow diffusers to be changed on the fly. Like a classic single hole diffuser? No problem. Want the smoothest hit possible with a venturi design diffuser? We have that too. Our reviewers love the Honeybird pro, from veteran dabbers to total newbies. The ease of use and the customizability made the Honeybird Pro an instant hit. What’s great is that we engineered the Honeybird Pro to let the piece grow with you as you become more experienced in the dab world. Described as “heirloom quality,” and “my favorite pipe, ever,”  by some of our reviewers, we don’t want you to jump from one piece to the next. We added this modularity to allow the Honeybird Pro to grow along with you. And since the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit fits on the Honeybird Pro without issue, you can embrace the future and start electric dabbing with the incredible Honeybird Pro.

The E-Tip and Honeybird Pro Combined: What a match!


The Honeybird Pro and the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit were such a great match, we knew that they needed to be our flagship Electric Nectar Collector. Despite being a kit, the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is still a compact piece of tech. Simply unscrew the two parts, and they can easily fit in a small bag or handbag for transport.
The Honeybird Pro offers serious customization itself, with its Infinity Tech and interchangeable diffusers. The ability to change diffusers lets you fine-tune the smoothness of the vapor itself! The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro combines two incredible devices. And together they offer unparalleled customization. And we aren’t talking about customizing looks- we are talking about customizing the vapor temperature through the very diffusion of the vapor in the Honeybird Pro’s chamber. The level of control that the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro offers is simply unparalleled. And you can even take it a step further with the E-Tip Extender & Heat Sink. This allows vapor to cool before entering the Honeybird Pro itself. That means cooler vapor entering your Honeybird Pro. And isn’t cooler vapor what we all want (or what our throats want at least)? The Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is truly how you can dab the way you want.
Although the Nectar Collector Electric Honeybird Pro is our premier package to debut the E-Tip, remember that if you already own a Nectar Collector, there’s no reason to miss out on the party! The Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit will fit on all Nectar Collectors. If you’ve been hesitating about trying electric dabs and you have a Nectar Collector, then give the E-Tip a try and see if you enjoy the electric dabbing experience. It’s convenient, torchless, and to be honest… it’s awfully easy to keep coming back for one hit after another. Dabbing electric with Nectar Collector is so simple, as a Nectar Collector owner you owe it to yourself to try the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit.
And if you’re a fan of heady glass, head over to Original Nectar Collector Line for some super heady pieces. You’ll find all sorts of hand-worked glass made with love and passion by the artists right here at Nectar Collector. And they are all ready for an E-Tip kit! If you’re lucky, you can even find something special on the Nectar Collector’s Auction site the Aisle of Misfit Toys! So if you love heady glass, Nectar Collector is bound to have something that you love. And once you get our Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit, you’ll be living in the future, dabbing your way with your very own heady Nectar Collector!