Welcome to the Official Nectar Collector Blog!

As we publish, you can expect an inside look at Nectar Collector, news, frequently asked questions, how-to’s, and a little about the philosophy of Nectar Collector. If you have something that you want to see us write about, then drop us a note on our contact page or on Instagram. When everyone else is making dab rigs, we make our Nectar Collector. We saw a problem with the current technology, so we fixed it ourselves. Our philosophy is to never stop innovating and spread our passion for dabbing… in our own way.

Innovation begins with quality. We are proud of our commitment to genuine, in-house, glass blowing. Kristian and the crew are always pushing the envelope and creating innovative dabbing technology. We know that cannabis concentrate connoisseurs will appreciate the intense thought and contemplation that has gone into Nectar Collector’s designs. We have learned how to deliver the best dabbing experience possible, as we have been constantly improving the Nectar Collector.

The Original Nectar Collector isn’t all, we are are excited to show you the Honeybird, Electric Nectar Collectors, the Nectar Collector Base Station, and of course we can’t resist showing you some of our headiest pieces of our artists’ work in our Auction Gallery, the Aisle of Misfit Toys. No matter what style you’re interested in, remember that Nectar Collector is the ORIGINAL vertical in-line water-filtered dab straw. We have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights perfecting the designs of our Nectar Collectors, and you owe it to yourself to get the real thing, the Nectar Collector. Conceptualized, designed, and made in the USA!

There is a lot to look forward to in this blog. We are going to tell you some behind-the-scenes stories about the Nectar Collector and its evolution, from the early days of Burning Man all the way to present-day. We’ll be talking to Kristian, Jeff, Jamie, Rob, Raven, Chelsea, Trapp, Virginia, and Lee, the whole Nectar Collector Team, all about their stories about how their personal journeys brought them to join up with Nectar Collector.

But first, we want to show people out there with a passion for cannabis oil and cannabis concentrates the result of our ongoing hard work. Today’s offerings are battle-tested in tough hikes, sloppy music festivals, and everywhere in between. The Honeybird and Nectar Collector are proven to give you flavorful, potent dabs on-demand. We don’t rest on our laurels, though. We are always working hard and thinking creatively to push the envelope every day, to see how we can help you enjoy dabs to the fullest extent, in your own way. Our novel idea of bringing the heat source to the concentrate, and not the other way around, has proven to be revolutionary. You can get the freshest, most potent hits from measuring out your own dabs with the Honeybird and Nectar Collector. That’s why around here we like to say, “Just The Tip.”

What is a Nectar Collector?


Introducing the famous Original Nectar Collector. The Nectar Collector is a vertical, in-line water-filtered dab straw. Think of it as a compact bubbler, but instead of flower it’s for oil and other cannabis concentrate. If you take a look at a Nectar Collector and you can’t quite figure out how it works, you can check out our handy guide here on our Tips and Tricks Page. We have everything from assembly instructions to a guide on how to get the smoothest, most potent hits possible. We always want to help our fellow trailblazers in the cannabis concentrate world, so if you have a question or issue, just contact us!.

The Nectar Collector was created in 2011 by world-class glass artist Kristian Merwin and his collaborator Jeff (Jefe), who first brought his vision to Kristian. The idea for the design hit Kristian like a lightning bolt, and he worked his glass wizardry and brought the first Nectar Collector to life in just a couple hours after sitting down to design it. The result was the very first inline, water-filtered, spill-proof, vertical dab straw. Water filtration in such a small package revolutionized the cannabis concentrate world forever, and Nectar Collector made its mark as the very first ones to do it. After over a decade of iterations, the Nectar Collector is nearly perfect at this point- no leaks, no mess, only the pure cannabis oil experience. Many impostors have come along, but nothing can come close to the experience of a patented, Made in the USA Nectar Collector.

Nectar Collectors are available for nearly any budget. The Honeybird Simple Kit is the easiest and cheapest way to start dabbing on the go with Nectar Collector. The Honeybird line of Nectar Collectors is a new evolution in the Nectar Collector design, putting the power of a dab rig in the palm of your hand. The Nectar Collector collection includes more utilitarian pieces like the Nectar Collector Mini Pro Kit as well as the heady glass of the Nectar Collector Pro Delux Kit, the Nectar Collector Flower Pro Kit, the Nectar Collector Opal Honeycomb Pro Kit, and more. The glass artists at Nectar Collector love to create precisely functioning pieces, but they are artists at heart. So we have always made sure that making a Nectar Collector is an outlet for creativity when our glass artists create a Nectar Collector. We also take the pieces we are most proud of and put them up for auction to give everyone a fair chance at a one-of-a-kind Nectar Collector. Check out our Auction Page to see how our Nectar Collector glass artists are constantly pushing the limits of glass art. These one-of-a-kind Cores and Nectar Collectors showcase some super heady work, and offer a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of Nectar Collector. We refuse to stick to the simple, and one of our missions is to keep artistry alive in everything we make.

What is The Honeybird


The Honeybird is the smaller-sized vertical in-line water-filtered honey straw. With the Honeybird, the size has been made smaller for better ease of use while on-the-go. The pocket-sized Honeybird lets you carry everything you need for dabbing in your pocket, backpack, fanny pack, whatever. The Honeybird comes in a few different flavors as well, offering different Cores, from plain to super heady worked glass. There’s the Honeybird Simple Kit, which has everything you need to get started dabbing Nectar Collector style. Then there’s the Honeybird Pro Kit, a beefed-up version of the Honeybird with modular construction, allowing for easy cleaning and upgradability. Finally we have the Phat Bird Kit, the biggest Honeybird yet, utilizing modular construction, and venturi filtration in a larger Core.

The Honeybird is the pocket-sized Nectar Collector, and although it might be small, it packs the same punch as any of the Nectar Collectors. Nectar Collectors can hit better than your favorite dab rig. Why? With the Nectar Collector and Honeybird, you just Dip, Sip, and Rip. You control the tip, so you can get exactly what you want out of your cannabis concentrate experience. That’s why we like to say that Nectar Collector lets your “Dab Perfect.”

Partnering With Industry Leaders


Being the leader in vertical in-line water-cooled dabbing, we always want to push the envelope when it comes to dabbing technology. We have partnered with the best in the industry to bring electric dabbing to the Nectar Collector. Nectar Collector is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in enjoying cannabis oil. The Huni Badger Electric Nectar Collector Kit and the Dip Devices EVRI x Nectar Collector Kit are both options for using an electric heating element for your Nectar Collector’s tip.

We offer electric solutions so that anyone who already owns one of these devices can enjoy the Nectar Collector experience. The modular design of the Honeybird and Nectar Collector even allows you to customize your electric Nectar Collector with different style cores according to your taste.

Eventually, everyone wants to switch from plain glass to something heady! The Nectar Collector’s modular design allows your piece to grow with you as you become more experienced with cannabis oil. Glass artistry is at our roots, and we love to make heady pieces and create functional art. Check out our Aisle of Misfit Toys where we’ve auctioned off some of our greatest creations. The bottom line is that we believe in combining artistry and collaboration. And remember, no matter what kind of Nectar Collector you end up with, just heat the tip, dip, and sip!

Tips and Tricks


The Honeybird and Nectar Collector might seem a little intimidating at first, but it’s really a piece of cake. When you put your Nectar Collector together, think of it as a simple, luxury lego set. Simply follow the directions on our Tips & Tricks page and you’ll be getting lifted with your Nectar Collector or Honeybird in no time. Still, we want to review some of the most important tips and tricks right here for your Nectar Collector & Honeybird to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Dealing With Water


1. Remember to fill from the top. Fill with water to the top of the spillguard.

2. Fill your Nectar Collector or Honeybird WITH THE TIP REMOVED! and make sure there is no water in the lower joint. Water in the tip can crack the tip or the joint. You don’t want that.

3. To remove the water, remove the tip and blow hard through the mouthpiece. The water will be pushed out through the bottom of the piece.

Cleaning Your Nectar Collector or Honeybird


1. Remove your tip and blow out all of the water through the lower end from the mouthpiece.

2. Fill the piece with Formula 710 or your preferred cleaner and soak the piece for an hour or two. We recommend rubbing alcohol & salt or Formula 710.

3. Set the piece VERTICALLY in a cup or glass and allow it to soak overnight. Afterwards, rinse your piece with hot water until the water runs clear.

How to Heat The Tip


Remember: If water drips into a hot tip, it can vaporize and shatter the lower body of your piece. Be careful and make sure you get rid of any excess water near your tip & connections.

To properly heat the tip, use a back-and-forth motion with your torch flame and try your best to only heat the end of the tip. After a few seconds, focus the flame on the very end of the tip. Then rotate your Nectar Collector or Honeybird around so that you have evenly heated the end of the tip. Once the end of the tip has a faint orange glow, stop heating and wait just a few seconds. If your tip is red hot, you’ve overheated it and should wait and try again. Once you have heated the tip to a faint orange glow, Wait for the glow to fade- if the tip is still glowing, you will be combusting your cannabis oil, not vaporizing it. Remember that it’s always better to go a little cooler than to risk going too hot. Overheating your tip can lead to the tip breaking, and even worse can compromise the joint holding the Nectar Collector to the tip.

This is Just The Beginning


This has been a quick primer to answer some burning questions people might have about the Nectar Collector and the Honeybird. We hope you picked up some knowledge here- and we know you’re probably thirsty for more knowledge. Rest assured, in the coming weeks and months we will be getting into every aspect of the Nectar Collector and Honeybird. Renegade thinking brought about the first Nectar Collector, and we remained committed to creatively tackling our problems and offering solutions that are uniquely our own. We are glad you enjoyed learning a bit about Nectar Collector here, and we will see you in the next post!