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    Deliver delicious hits without a torch and see what all the buzz is about.

    This kit contains a compact, lightweight, yet powerful battery base and innovative composite quartz tips. Three temperature settings and various tip options ensure you get the type of dab you enjoy. We know dabs!

    This is compatible with any Nectar Collector or Honeybird!

  • There's no bird bigger!

    The Phat Bird Kit from Nectar Collector is the biggest and baddest Honeybird yet! Featuring the Infinity Tech 38mm connector and full size Vortex Venturi perc this piece delivers the fattest, smoothest rips ever. You need this big bird on your street!

    The Phat Bird Kit features our most ambitious and largest core yet. Hefty in size and volume, the Phat Bird core is the prize specimen of our flock, which is why we’ve constructed the perfect kit for the vape connoisseur who wants to go big. Infinity Tech connectors make the Phat Bird Kit components modular, fitting all other compatible Infinity Tech pieces. The Vortex Venturi Diffuser features six holes to increase filtration and cooling. Our unique Quartz Stinger Tip heats fast and cools slowly, letting you dip and rip your nectar more efficiently. All the necessary connectors are included, and every glass piece is hand-blown in the USA. The pictured Infinity Tech Swivel Gear Stand is not included, it’s an illustration of how Infinity Tech modularity can create a whole new world of possibilities. Infinity Tech pieces are designed to be easily taken apart, cleaned, and connected, so that you can keep your rig in its original condition, or switch it up to a new configuration. The combinations are endless, but it all starts with grabbing the Phat Bird Kit today.
  • Big things come in small packages!

    The Nectar Collector Honeybird Delux Kit is the big brother to the Honeybird Kit. It has the familiar egg-shaped hefty glass core, but is larger and curves perfectly to sit in the palm of your hand. The core is enhanced with a Vortex Venturi Diffuser perc, which reduces water surface tension by more than 30%. Fluid mechanics and artistic engineering combine to increase the flavor and smoothness of your dabs. If you’re looking for a vertical vaporizer that was made in the USA, and hand-crafted from the highest quality borosilicate, the Nectar Collector Honeybird Delux Kit is the perfect starting point.

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