The Pros and Cons of Quartz vs. Titanium Tips for Nectar Collectors

Nectar Collectors have completely revolutionized the world of dabbing since their invention in 2011, cutting the process down to heating the tip, dipping, and sipping without the bulk and peripheral clutter of conventional rigs.

Nectar collectors have linear form factors, making them significantly more discrete and extremely portable. Dabbers enjoy how little water they use, which make them much quieter than traditional dab rigs. The ability to choose between wet and dry nectar collectors adds welcome versatility as well.

The hallmark of the Nectar Collector’s unique design is the tip. By bringing the hot tip in contact with the hash oil rather than introducing the oil to a hot surface as is the method with traditional dab rigs, the Nectar Collector allows much more control over the size the dose eliminating waste and maximizing flavor. Nectar Collector tips are interchangeable and made from several different materials, two of the most popular being quartz and titanium. Let’s discuss key considerations when choosing between quartz and titanium nectar collector tips, some pros and cons between the two, and ways to optimize your experience with each tip type.

How Much does the Type of Nectar Collector Tip Matter?

When choosing between Nectar Collector tips, it’s important to note that tip composition affects numerous aspects of the dabbing experience, including effect on flavor and best practices for equipment cleanup.

This means that it pays to know if you’ll primarily be dabbing wax, oil, distillate or concentrate — and whether you’ll be enhancing your flavor experience with products from companies like True Blue Terpenes before choosing between tip types.

Pointers on Different Tip Types

As with dab rigs, Nectar Collector tips should be heated until they just begin to glow red and then allowed to cool approximately 5-10 seconds before dabbing or dipping it into your concentrate. With a little practice you can get the same low temp flavorful dabs that traditional dab rigs offer in about half the time and with much less waste. When using quartz tips, it’s best to heat them before each dab. This will guarantee a good hit with solid flavor every time.

When trying titanium tips for the first time, it’s advisable to heat the tip for a short while at first, then gradually increase the time it’s kept over the flame. This is because they’re considerably more prone to overheating than quartz tips.

Whether you prefer the superior flavor experience of quartz tips or the durability and longevity of titanium tips, both are great options that pay for themselves in the long run with adequate care.